What Rights Do I Have As A Renter When It Come Sto Replacing Carpet In Washington

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I talked to 5 different people and not one could help. I am in graduate school so I dont have time to waste. They wasted my entire afternoon, after I had already paid account in full.

But I know that by law, you can’t deduct wear-and-tear fixes (such as cleaning the oven, replacing stove top metal thing-y, steaming the carpet) from the deposit. The apartment is right. Tenant Adv.

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You can do everything right, and it may not. if the court ends up siding with the tenant when it comes to the landlord holding the deposit, the tenant will receive three times the amount of the dep.

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Words like "reasonable," "undue" and "burden" are often defined case by case, but when it comes to. tenant with allergies. Demanding new flooring and drywall probably wouldn’t be reasonable, but in.

Tenant attorney Steven Kellman replies: The deposits can be used for cleaning and damages, including replacing a damaged carpet. If you do not agree with the. of the country have the same habitabil.

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